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The nineteenth-century section of the Historical Museum of Bergamo, which inherited the historical and artistic heritage of the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento and of the Resistance, has been set up, since May 7th, 2004, in a building inside the donjon of the Rocca, built under the Venetian rule for the purpose of accommodating the artillerymen. The exhibition is organized in sections and starts with the arrival of the French troops in Bergamo (Christmas 1796). It touches upon, until 1870, the most significant issues related to the events that occurred in the Bergamasque province with respect to Lombard and national history. The goal of the project is to offer a view that is as complete as possible of the 1797-1870 period through diversified languages and accounts. The exhibition includes reconstructions of settings, multimedia stations and movable explanatory sheets as well as material accounts, taken from both museum collections and from collections belonging to city and provincial institutions or even to private citizens.